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I've removed this:

If you need help right away, and dont want to post on the message boards, there is an IRC channel devoted to DarkBASIC (although many people do get onto other tech & gaming topics). The IRC chat can be reached through the TGC site, or by going to irc.chattingaway.com with an IRC client. #coding is an open room on the network too, and the people there help with DarkBASIC, as well as all other programming languages.

I don't feel that you should advertise the IRC channel on in an encyclopedia. Plus most people get help from the TGC forums anyways. Also:

Another DarkBASIC page is at [[DarkBASIC Programming Language]], but it is teh su><0rz

This is completely unnecessary and just looks bad. - DNewhall

Last one?


Does this really mean to say the last one or should it say the next one?

An unofficial DBPro convention has been held in Chichester, England every year since 2003. The last one will be held in September 2006.

For those of you whose English isn't that great, if you say it's the last one, you imply no more will be held. A quick look through wiki and I can see no current info which would suggest DBPro or the company which makes it is dying or dead so I'm not sure why it would be the last one. Then again, with Vista and DX10 coming out next year, perhaps DB Pro 2.0 or whatever will be out by then so it'll be a DB Pro 2.0 conference (although I would have thought there would still be a lot of people interested in DB Pro) Nil Einne 18:41, 3 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

It means it will be the last one I will be holding (it was great fun as usual). TGC have said that from next year they may think about doing it, but whether anything will come of it is unknown (they said there would be an official one a couple of years ago - but then said they were "too busy"). The reason for not doing it anymore include :

A) Its rather an expensive drain on my resources (ie, I make a loss) B) No official support C) Lack of people coming.

A slighty indirect additional reason is that I want to start developing Linux stuff as well, and concentrate more on other development tools, possibly leading to the total disuse of DBPro/GSDK