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Some Wikipedians have formed a project to better organise information in articles related to UK Parliament constituencies. This page and its subpages contain their suggestions; it is hoped that this project will help to focus the efforts of other Wikipedians. If you would like to help, please inquire on the talk page and see the to-do list there.

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Full title: WikiProject on the UK Parliament constituencies



Constituencies of the House of Commons of the Parliament of the United Kingdom and related articles.

/Progress List of constituencies and what needs to be done.
/Style Guidelines for formatting of articles.
/Historic constituencies List of historic constituencies.



This listing is used to note any articles, categories or external resources that are often referenced by project members.




If you wish to help out, add your signature here.

  • Darren Jolley Have already done much work on results since 1950. I live in Lancashire (Chorley) so have done work on constituencies in the North West.
  • Literal Democrat I have been adding results for all elections since 1931 for the entire United Kingdom. Beginning to list Prospective Parliamentary candidates for the 2015 general election in many constituencies.
  • cj1340 Northants; Beds and Bucks (part)
  • Joolz
  • Laurel Bush: Working mostly on constituency boundary definitions and how these have changed with time, especially in Scotland, which leads me into working on articles about local administration/government and statistical areas (counties, boroughs (burghs in Scotland), modern council areas in Scotland (where counties and burghs were abolished in 1975), etc), so that these will correspond adequately with articles about constituencies. Seeing a need for a 'politics of the United Kingdom' project to co-ordinate this kind of work.
  • Maccoinnich
  • Mibblepedia
  • Timrollpickering
  • Warofdreams
  • Greg Robson – Helping out with 2005 election coverage, and adding all other constituencies.
  • JeremyA—mostly worked on constituencies in South Yorkshire so far.
  • Zaphod Beeblebrox ; I've added a few results from the 2005 election, willing to help work through the rest.
  • Keith Edkins - have added maps to all constituencies (except those in Birmingham which already had them)
  • sjorford →•←
  • Gerry Lynch - count me in for donkey work
  • New Progressive - Been doing bits and pieces anyway.
  • Doktorbuk - been working on loads of stuff of late, including lists of new constituencies, boundary changes and the like.
  • Hitchhiker89 - Currently working on Loughborough, my constituency
  • RFBailey, (have been working on this project without realising it already.....)
  • Neo, I've been kinda watching and dabbling from the sidelines for a while.
  • Moochocoogle - been making small contributions since the 2005 election.
  • SamTrev Done work on Twickenham, will also see what I can do with Richmond Park.
  • Paulleake working on NE and Yorkshire constituencies.
  • Hahaandy1 Willing to help with anything
  • Mackensen working to add MP succession boxes to politicians
  • Fys - I have the complete works of F. W. S. Craig and the History of Parliament Trust plus the Boundary Commission reports. I do respond to requests (though due to pressure of work may take a few days)
  • Jammydodger - Working mostly around Essex and Epping Forest inparticular, but also helping out with otehr areas.
  • Al - Noticed that there isn't much for the West Midlands; might as well help out there
  • JJE - Doing a bit of work on adding old election results. Keyly working on Orpington, where I'm gradually working through old election results.
  • Nick C - Working mainly on council elections, but willing to help on anything. (Since 6th May 2006)
  • Gary J - I have been doing work on various articles, particularly on historic Scottish and Irish constituencies.
  • Joe Llywelyn Griffith Blakesley talk contrib - Edited a few constituency articles; re-organised categories; probably be able to help some more if there are areas that need work.
  • Rbreen - adding material to historic constituencies when I have some time.
  • Lethaniol - am interested in helping out with the historic constituency articles - if anyone has a decent website to help get this info off please leave on my talk page.
  • Harry Hayfield talk contrib - Have election information taken from BBC Parliament replays for the 1955, 1964, 1966, 1970, Feb 1974, Oct 1974, 1979, 1983, 1987, 1997 and 2005 general elections.
  • BrownHairedGirl working mostly on historic constituencies, but also on completing MPs lists and ensuring consistency of naming, disambiguation etc.
  • Mikebloke Mostly punctuation, number, links and table fixes
  • Regweb Mainly Gillingham, my constituency
  • Boris426
  • Richard B
  • MichiganCharms
  • Galloglass - Mainly interested in 19C & early 20C elections but adds to all articles parliament related.
  • Wehwalt
  • Goatchurch - Developer of Public Whip, would like to talk about harmonizing ids so it can better integrate with wp.
  • Bs0u60d3 - try and help out with the two Warrington parliamentary constituencies.
  • Road Wizard (talk)
  • Uncantabrigian Principally inter-war by-elections
  • Peterkingiron (talk) 17:51, 9 August 2008 (UTC) -- I have already completed (or expanded) several MP lists for 1660-1832 and have been creating articles for some of them, including providing succession boxes.[reply]
  • Mark.s.shaw - Initially concentrating on results for Pudsey parliamentary constituency, then other surounding constituencies.
  • Robofish
  • Lozleader (talk) 10:24, 26 April 2009 (UTC). Trying to add boundaries to articles on seats created by the Redistribution of Seats Act 1885 and Representation of the People Act 1918, also digging out election results and creating stub bios for any MPs with redlinks.[reply]
  • Tryde
  • Cooltrainer Hugh - Normally work on the safer Tory seats, but anything really.
  • WFCforLife - Initially concentrating on Hertfordshire.
  • 95jb14 - Working on updating things for 2010 General Election.
  • 07bargem (talk) 12:38, 25 May 2010 (UTC) - Working on updating an dfilling in the tables ofr all list of parliamentray constituencies in individual counties. If you need a pointer look at List of Parliamentary constituencies in Warwickshire. Any help would be much appreciated and feel free to contact me if you are interested.[reply]
  • Crooked Cottage Attempting to standardise the articles to a common format. Adding in 1992 results in the first place, then filling in any missing results.
  • Mirrorme22
  • Andrewmc123 - Mainly work on Scottish constituencies of the UK (and Scottish) Parliament
  • EdwardRussell - Key interest in historical election results, but will work on whatever takes my fancy at the time!
  • Adam37 - Relegation to footnotes for clearly obiter and obscure statements. Tired into a gnome after updating the 2010 General Election results and adding the full lists of wards from the Fifth Review. Subtle edits so as to ensure we see a NPOV where bias detected. Have added .svg maps, advised on WP:POLICY and neatened countless tables.
  • ImpertordeElysium -Mostly formatting for consistent style.
  • Graemp - primarily involved with adding election data including image files for 1885-1970 UK wide.
  • Paulbrock
  • Rcsprinter123
  • sam (talk) 10:16, 14 May 2017 (UTC) Currently looking at constituency selector maps starting with NI[reply]
  • Benawu2 - Currently updating constituency pages to add missing data and adding electors numbers.
  • Moondragon21
  • DankJae – Wales and maps
  • Mithy73 Mostly formatting consistency. Currently (8 June 2024) checking and updating 2024 General Election candidate lists against council-published notices of polls and persons nominated.
  • Sionk - largely involved with local government (wards and elections) but have an interest in Wales constituencies



For the progress of the project see /Progress. This page contains details of what state each constituency article is in.

For how to format and layout pages see /Style.


  1. Develop this page as a good reference tool for current and future participants
  2. Ensure good disambiguation between:
    1. constituencies and other entities (local authorities, towns, etc)
    2. different types of constituency: (British House of Commons, Scottish Parliament, London Assembly, Senedd and Northern Ireland Assembly).
  3. Improve the constituency articles
  4. Maintain a similar style throughout the articles

How to help


Pick a constituency and start on improving it!

  • The style guide shows you how the article should look.
  • Check that the constituency contains:
    • The infobox (as shown in the style guide)
    • 2005 election results
    • Other election results (if applicable). Ideally the constituency should have all the elections which have taken place there! Use the resources section of the main project page to help with this.
    • Complete list of MPs
    • The boundaries section should include what area the constituency covers, as well as its main towns.
  • Ensure that the wikinews article (wikinews:Results of 2005 United Kingdom General Election links to the constituency (and not a redirect)
  • Make sure any MP articles link to the constituency, and that the list of MPs links both to the MP and the constituency (MPs elected in the UK general election, 1979 for example)
  • Please can some people help with updating the lists of Parliamentary Constituencies in a certain country (eg. Essex) so that they contain the latest info as of May 2010. If you need any help check out List of Parliamentary constituencies in Warwickshire or leave a message on 07bargem's talk page.



Templates have been developed due to the recurrent use of certain styles of formatting in this project.



This section contains resources which may be useful when writing constituency articles: